Wednesday, May 5, 2010

busy busy busy!

Hey everyone!  I wanted to start out by saying that I’m so sorry I haven’t updated sooner, with the moving and unpacking and everything, things have been very hectic! I also want you to know this is going to be a rather long entry with all the catching up I have to do!

I want to start out with showing you some pictures of the new house!  I’m posting everything but the master bedroom and master bath because those are the last to get cleaned and right now they are both covered in dirty and clean clothes….which I should be folding but I’d rather jump on here and update first :)IMG_1700 This is a picture of the front of the new house, everything is starting to bloom and the old owners had the most beautiful landscaping so I’m thrilled that its all coming back again this year!  All we have to do now is keep up with it, which shouldn’t be a problem considering Jimmy’s favorite new toy is his lawnmower and edge trimmers!IMG_1702  This second picture is a picture of PART of the back yard, we have a HUGE back yard which will really come in handy when the boys get a little older but for right now this is the best part about it, Jimmy’s new grill! (and the strawberry patch off to the right that’s barely showing)  Jim loves to come out to the patio (which we do A LOT since the weather has gotten nice) and grill dinner…its fast, easy, and DELISHIOUS!  What more could you ask for! 

This is our beautiful Kitchen! IMG_1724(taken from the hallway)  We decided to paint it a dark red color and we just LOVE how it turned out!  Please excuse the dirty dishes in the sink, the dishwasher was running and those wouldn’t fit!  Which, by the way, doesn’t happen often, that dishwasher has a much better layout than the one at the apartment, thank IMG_1725goodness! I also love the dark counters and counter tops!  The stove cooks at the CORRECT temperature which is just wonderful since the one at the apartment had to be set for 50 degrees lower than what the recipe called for and the top burners didn’t work, this one works like a charm!  I am alsoIMG_1726 very surprised that I like our kitchen table in here as much as I do.  The table was my dad’s and I liked it okay but wasn’t super happy with it and always planned on getting a new one eventually, however, I think it matches everything in the kitchen perfectly, including the blinds, and am having second thoughts on replacing it.  I think what we’re going to do now is just buy new chairs since the ones we have are actually folding chairs.  (Not like anyone knows IMG_1727the difference)  You can also see the beautiful chandelier that my wonderful husband bought me for my birthday…and the awesome bar lights Jim and his brother Don installed for me to hang over my bar!  I must say when its all said and done, I just truly LOVE my new kitchen.  Its perfect for our family and Its perfect for me!


Our living room was a stressful adventure.  We could not agree on a color to save our lives and finally came across this dark golden color.  On paper it was beautiful, the paint swatches of the red and gold looked so good together, but Jim and I were super skeptical on how it would look on all the walls in the living room, entry hall and hallway…we didn’t want itIMG_1728 to be gold overload. Thank goodness that once we took the plunge thinking “its only paint, it can be changed” we LOVED it.  The color isn’t something that I would normally pick out but its not over powering like I thought it was going to be!  Our second challenge in this room was how to set up the furniture, we wanted it to remain open so the boys would have room to play, but since the couch couldn’t really go against a wall it had to be placed in the middle of the room.  After rearranging the furniture a MILLIONIMG_1730 and one times, we finally found a layout that we both really enjoy, not to mention one that lends itself to plenty of crawling space.   Please excuse the massive mess of toys in the floor…I take them out to play every morning and put them away every night, so during the day they litter my floor…oh well.  The living room has turned out better than I could have ever imaginedIMG_1731 it being.  Its wonderful and it works really well with the kitchen.  I just love how open and welcoming it feels when I walk in!  I love my home and I love being here!  That in itself is a HUGE step in the right direction considering how miserable it was being at the apartment all the time.  Being here all the time is nice, and I don’t feel over crowded!

This is the bonus room…IMG_1734right now its being used as a guest room.  It makes a wonderful guest room, mainly because it has its own thermostat and since its the only room upstairs it offers some privacy to our guest.  Eventually we would like to make this into either the  guest room/office/playroom/ sewing room, OR if we have another boy (and no, we’re not getIMG_1735ting pregnant any time soon) we’d like to make it into an all boys room and put Wyatt and Lucas up here with their *possible* brother.  However if we have another girl then the boys will stay where they are now and this will become the multi-purpose room I’m secretly hoping it becomes! Hey, a girl can dream right?!?

This is our current office/playroom/sewing room….although to be honest not much play goIMG_1733es on in here yet, the boys spend most their time in the living room…which is fine with me being as this room is just full of things they can get into at this point.  I’ve kind of taken over this room for myself.  This is where I spend most of my *free* time, when and IF I’m lucky enough to get any.  Jim and I made a deal that if I quit smoking then he would buy me a sewing machine…I wanted that sewing machine so bad!  I’ve made 3 bags so far and IMG_1732am looking forward to making a few more then altering the style, making it my own, and possibly selling diaper bags eventually.  I’ve got a long way to go before I get to that point, but for now, I’m really enjoying learning how to do everything.  Much thanks to my wonderful grandmother who gave me all her old scrap fabric to play with and practice on.  I’ve had so much fun with it already!

Now I know everyone has been waiting to see this room, Its the guest/boys bathroom!  LoL…don’t worry, the nursery is coming up in a minute! IMG_1703 We decided on a nice blue color in here for two reasons, first, we wanted it to have good coloring for when we do have guest (putting on makeup is important), second, we wanted it to be kind of boyish also since it IS the boys bathroom. We went with the polka-dots because I didn’t want to do anything too “childish” and I wanted it to be cute but still classy…I’ve really come to enjoy this bathroom, its calming and best of all I hardly ever have to clean it cause no ones uses it regularly! (at least not yet, I realize this will change when the boys get older) But for now it stayIMG_1704s clean and the only time I have to mess with it is after we have guest or after the boys take a bath.  Not bad in my book considering the rest of the house gets SO messy EVERY SINGLE DAY…then again, I wasn’t expecting anything different!  We also hung Jim’s vintage fireman pictures in this bathroom which I was very skeptical on at first thinking that they wouldn’t match, but they have really grown on me and for some reason I LOVE them in here….I’m even considering buying him more prints from the same collection to add to the decor.  Just a thought.

Okay, I wont tease you any more….Its time for the nursery!   We picked a “Texas” orange for the boys room…very hard for me to do considering I’m a Tennessee fan, however, IMG_1721it goes so well with the cowboy theme we’re going for.  At this point the only “cowboy” stuff is on the walls, mainly because cowboy bedding cost an arm and a leg and I had to buy two bedding sets…um, they can deal with farm babies, after all, its close right?!?   We were a bit concerned after we painted because before we got decoration on the walls the black furniture made it look like IMG_1722Halloween in there, thank goodness that once we got it all finished it doesn’t look like a picture in an October magazine LoL.  I made the name plates that are hanging over their cribs and Honey and Poppie gave us the wonderful sheriff badges and cowboy boots!  We got the cow humidifier from Grandma Daveluy and it has seriously saved the boys…It made a HUGE IMG_1723difference.  She also gave us the beautiful little barnyard lamp to match the boys bedding…although I have a feeling it will be around long after the bedding is gone!  The bookshelf was one of many projects that Jim and I took on before the boys were born, we painted it black with a gold background…it matches the name plates I made, but not much else…regardless it provides priceless storage space that we desperately needed for their room, therefore, it stays! :)

Well folks, that would be the end of the tour.  Like I said, I will eventually post pictures of the master bedroom and master bath but right now they are covered in clothes and to be honest its a bit embarrassing.

Now that that’s out of the way,let me fill you in on everything that lucas daddy mommy wyatthas happened since my last update. I’m going to start with Easter Sunday since that was the next major event in our lives.  That was the day we finally found a home church.  Some of you may know that Jim and I have been searching for a home church for a long time now.  We began looking when I founddaddy lucas 7 out I was  pregnant and never found a church that spoke to both of us.  It was always either he liked it and I didn’t, or I liked it and he didn’t, sometimes it was we both liked it but it was missing something we were looking for (like a great nursery and awesome youth group)  We really wanted to find a place that fit us perfectly.   Both of us agreed that we wanted a smaller church but we wanted the benefits of a larger church, not daddy wyatt 3something easily come by.  When we moved out to Arlington my grandmother told me about Bellevue Arlington, its a satellite church to the MASSIVE Bellevue out in Cordova.  We never visited there because it was so big, but we thought that since Bellevue Arlington only has 300+ members and is directly linked to the “main campus” andmommy lucas 3 therefore offered all the same services of a massive church with 5,000+ members we just might be getting the best of both worlds.  We LOVE it there.  It has everything we’re looking for!  We’ve already joined a small group that meets on Sunday nights and we’re going to start going to a young married couples class on Wednesday nights!  We’ll mommy wyatt 4 have to find a babysitter for our Sunday night meetings, but on Wednesdays they offer childcare for free while you meet with your class.  Jim and I are both very excited to get involved with a church and even more excited to meet other young married couples with children! Anyways, back to Easter daddy wyatt mommy lucas 1Sunday.  That afternoon after church we went and visited my grandparents, Great Grandma and Grandpa Mitchell.  We took a few pictures but the boys weren’t really in any mood to be photographed so we went back later in the week and got all dressed up and took our Easter Pictures.  Personally I wyatt lucas 6think we got some really beautiful pictures of us with the boys!  My whole life I’ve been taking pictures at Grandma’s house in front of the azaleas and now I’m so excited to start that tradition with my own children!  I hope they grow to enjoy it and appreciate it as they get older, I know I wish I had taken more time to enjoy it when I was younger.

The weekend after Easter was our big Branson trip.  Jim and I had IMG_1531so much fun celebrating our anniversary and even though we deeply missed our children, I wouldn’t have changed that weekend for the world!  We left Memphis Thursday afternoon and made it to Honey and Poppie’s house in time to feed the boys their 4:30 dinner.  We spent the night in Beebe on IMG_1613 Thursday night since we weren’t going to be able to stay very long on  Sunday when we picked up the boys.  We wanted to make sure to spend some time with them, we miss them a lot and don’t get to see them as often as we’d like, plus we wanted to make sure the boys were settled in before we left them.  IMG_1533 Early Friday morning Jim and I left Beebe for Branson.  When we arrived we found The  Bradford Inn, where we were staying.  It was WONDERFUL but check in time wasn’t for a few more hours so Jim and I visited the Stone Hill Winery where we went for a free tour and wine tasting.  We ended IMG_1542up purchasing a bottle and enjoyed it the rest of the weekend!  Afterwards we checked into our hotel and headed to Branson Landing for a little shopping and an awesome cocktail cruise with a beautiful view of the fire and water show on the shore.  We really enjoyed our evening together.  The next day we IMG_1546 headed to the Big Cedar Lodge Spa for a relaxing couples massage.  It was so cool, first the lady gave Jim a massage and showed me everything she was doing, then she gave me a massage and showed Jim everything she was doing!  Now we can give one another amazing massages at home if we ever have any IMG_1598free time.  It was so relaxing and honestly my favorite part of the whole trip!  Afterwards we headed to the strip and enjoyed a tour of the Hollywood Wax Museum.  We  decided to do the wax museum because we had taken a similar tour in Gatlinburg on our wedding weekend and thought it would be fun to do the same in Branson.  We also had the opportunity to play a fun virtual reality game with lots of shooting!  I think that was Jim’s favorite part of the trip.  After that IMG_1604we went though a mirror maze which was so much fun…The whole time I was thinking how difficult it would be to build a mirror maze….I’d get lost trying to put up mirrors!! LoL.  After that we went straight to the Dixie Stampede, we got there in time to enjoy a very funny pre-show.  We went to the Dixie IMG_1605Stampede in Gatlinburg the night of our wedding, and we both really enjoyed it so when we realized there was one in Branson it was a no brainer that we were going to attend a show there and once again, we weren’t disappointed!  The show was wonderful and as usual the food was IMG_1608 delicious!  Once the show let out everything was closing and Jim and I decided that we wanted to have a little fun so we went to a hole in the wall karaoke/dance bar.  We had a blast!  I even got  up and sang a Dixie Chicks song!  We got home pretty late that evening but enjoyed every minute of our time in Branson.  The next morning it was time to leave and as much fun as we had I think we were both very ready to be back with the boys!

That night we got home about two hours before Jeff and Meghan IMG_1633and their beautiful daughter Grace arrived, just enough time to unpack and put things away!  The week with Jeff and Meghan was a blast.  We hung around the house on Monday and just relaxed then on Tuesday we went to the zoo!  It was so much fun to go now that the boys are a little older, IMG_1627 they really enjoyed looking at all the animals!  Grace had fun too which was really nice.  I was surprised at how well Grace got along with the boys.  I didn’t know how well they would hit it off being as they haven’t had much time around each other, but they played nicely most of the week and we IMG_1631 truly enjoyed having them here.  on Wednesday we were lucky enough to get to go to the Botanic Gardens with my Grandmother.  Everything was in bloom and we had a delightful time walking around and taking pictures.  Even the boys seemed to enjoy it!  Later that evening Meghan and I had a girls IMG_1634 night which turned out to be a blast.  We left the boys at the house with the babies and we went down to Ubees on the Highland Strip.  It was so much fun!  John showed up and we partied for a while (don’t worry, we didn’t do too much drinking) then we went to John’s house for about 30 minutes before IMG_1650 heading home.  It was an awesome evening and Meghan and I became a lot closer which is something that I’m really enjoying! :)Thursday Meghan taught me how to sew on her sewing machine.  She makes these wonderful baby carriers and sells them on her website, they’re called the Perfect IMG_1659 Papoose.  She was even nice enough to design and sew a twin carrier for the boys!  I <3 my carrier and I use it all the time now….most everyone who sees me in it stops me and asks me where I got it.  I love showing it off as I’ve never seen a carrier quite like the ones she sells.  Anyways, she taught me how toIMG_1652 sew and after making my deal with Jimmy, Meghan and I went to Hancock Fabrics and the Memphis Sewing Machine and Vacuum Co. and got me started.  Like I mentioned above I’m planning on making diaper bags and eventually opening up my own online store, but that will be down the road a bit, I need to learn a little more first! :) Thursday night Jeff and Jim got to have their boys night since Meghan and I were allowed to have a girls night…I’m not sure what they did but I think they went to the Peabody for the Rooftop IMG_1666 Party.  Friday we didn’t do much other than hang around the house, Meghan and I spent most of the day sewing and the boys spent most of the day playing the Wii.  Saturday was like Friday in the sense that we just got to hang out and visit at the house…It was nice to have such a low key week and just get IMG_1677 to visit a lot since we don’t get to see them near as often as we’d like  to.  Sunday was a sad day.  It was Jim’s first day back at work after vacation and Jeff and Meghan spent the day driving back to Michigan.  I was stuck at home with two very fussy babies who I’m IMG_1688sure were very confused as to why I was the only one around again.  oh well.  Life goes on and I wouldn’t want it any other way!  I do however really miss Jeff and Meghan and Grace being here and would LOVE to have them come back and visit again ANYTIME!  Only 9 more weeks until Jim’s next vacation and we go to Michigan to see family and of course Jeff and Meghan! :)

The last thing I want to share with you is the boys progress in everything!  Wyatt is army crawling and Lucas is actually crawling!

  They are all over the place!  I have constantly been chasing down babies for about 2 weeks now.  We are in desperate need of a baby gate! (or 4 LoL)  Anyways, they are all over the place and have gotten SOOO big!  They’ve been really fussy this week and this morning Wyatt was SCREAMING and I looked and he has officially cut his first tooth!  I’m so excited, even though its the reason I haven’t had a quiet nights sleep all week!

Anyways, if you made it to the end I’m very surprised and can’t believe you actually read it all!  Hope everyone is having had a wonderful day! (seeing as I started typing this post at 10 this morning and its 10:30 in the evening, I hope your day tomorrow is wonderful also!)

~The Daveluy’s

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A New Home, A New Start

We have finally got everything moved.  It has been such a hectic couple of weeks.  Let me start where we last left off.

Lucas and Wyatt are a thousand times better.  Having sick babies was no fun!  They got off their schedule when they were sick and it was nearly impossible to keep them on it while we were painting the house and moving but now that things have settled down a bit we’re doing our best to get them back on schedule as quickly as possible.

Like I mentioned above we painted our house. It was difficult trying to get it all done in 4 days but somehow we managed.  Our friend Casey used to work for a professional painter so he came over and helped which sped things up a lot.  He also gave us some awesome pointers so when we go to paint again (not for a LONG time hopefully) we’ll be able to do it on our own!  We painted the kitchen a deep red and the living room/entry hall/hallway are all painted a darker shade of gold.  The colors look really good together! (huge relief as I was taking a huge risk with the gold LoL)  The boys nursery got painted a rust color, however Jim thinks it looks more like “Hooters orange” LoL.  Personally its one of my favorite colors we picked out and I just LOVE how it looks with all their black furniture!  Both bathrooms got painted blue (different shades) and our room got painted a dark tan color.  We left the staircase, bonus room, and 3rd bedroom the plain white that was on the walls to begin with because we couldn’t agree on colors and I’m afraid that if we choose something too crazy its going to look like a color wheel threw up in our house LoL.  Either way, I love how everything came together and it really feels like its OURS!

Jim’s parents and brother came down for a few days to help us move which was SO nice of them.  It was wonderful to have some help since we didn’t really have anyone here in town who would have been able to help us and it would have been very difficult for the two of us to do it alone and watch the boys at the same time.  (I don’t even want to imagine that!)  It was so wonderful to see them and the boys really enjoyed hanging out with Grandma Daveluy!  Grandma says she’s going to come back to visit in May and we are so excited already!  One thing that is really nice about having a house is that when they came down everyone had their own room!  It was wonderful not to feel crowded in and cramped and unable to move around anyone and I’m sure they enjoyed staying here instead of at some hotel…I know we enjoyed having them here.  The last night they were in town after the boys went to sleep Jim and I took Don out to Beale Street.  We had so much fun and it was SO nice to have a break after being so stressed all month.  I like to think we were celebrating the move finally being complete!

The only thing we have left to do is get about one more load of stuff out of the apartment (the kitchen trash can and a few things from the bathrooms is all that got left I think) and get it cleaned.  Tomorrow I plan on spending a good part of the day at the apartment scrubbing and vacuuming.  It should be interesting LoL.  Oh yes, and getting all the food out of the refrigerator…I keep wanting to go on a major shopping spree at Kroger but am constantly reminding myself we have all the food at the apartment that hasn’t been brought over yet so I need to just chill on the grocery shopping until I figure out what we already have!  I think the hardest part about moving has been finding a place for everything!  Its crazy, now that we have room to store everything I can’t decide where I want to put stuff!  I thought I had a really great idea of it in my head, but then when I tried to put it into action it didn’t turn out like I had planned! LoL.  At least we won’t be moving any time soon so I don’t have to worry about all that again for a while.

On that note I’m going to go to bed.  This new start to our new lives in the suburbs has been exhausting and I’m so ready to just be finished with it all!  We have to be out of the apartment by Tuesday afternoon then hopefully before the weekend rolls around we’ll have everything unpacked here.  Then its Branson and Jeff and Meghan coming to town!  (Which we are SOOOOO excited about!)

I promise to get on soon and post pictures of our house once everything is in order!

~The Daveluy’s

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I should have updated sooner….

but things around here have been hectic with two sick little boys and trying to get everything in order to close on our first house (tomorrow!)

We sat at the hospital for 6 hours only to find out that there wasn’t anything they could do for Wyatt.  Apparently wheezing is completely normal and we just have to “wait it out”.  Easier said than done.  It was heartbreaking seeing him suffer and knowing we couldn’t do anything but hold him and love him.  Luckily he is doing much better now!  He has slept though the night 2 nights in a row and this morning he was barely coughing at all.  Thank you so much for all your prayers.

Lucas, on the other hand, is not having an easy go of it.  I thought he was dealing with the RSV better than Wyatt was until this morning.  See, the past 3 mornings he has thrown up after his morning bottle.  I’m not talking a little vomit, I’m talking a LOT of vomit.  The first two mornings he threw up in the middle of a coughing fit so I assumed he had coughed so hard he made himself sick.  I know I’ve done that before so I guess that’s why I wasn’t too worried about it.  Well this morning he had already had his little fit and had calmed down (oh how happy I was that he hadn’t thrown up all over me again!) I was changing his diaper and he just started projectile vomiting all over me, himself, the changing table…my poor baby.  This made me remember that Dr. Kronenburg had asked us when we took in Wyatt if he was throwing up, when I remembered that I thought it best to make an appointment.  We will be going in at 11:40 this morning.  I’m sure they are just going to tell me that he has RSV (duh) and he may or may not have an ear infection like Wyatt had, but like I said when we decided to go to Le Bonheur…better safe than sorry.  The co-pay is only $20 and I’d rather loose 20 bucks than worry about my child.  I promise to update later this afternoon when we get back from the doctor and let you all know how Lucas is doing.  (If I’m lucky he’ll look at Wyatt again too and tell me he’s doing much better! haha)

~The Daveluy’s

Monday, March 8, 2010

the joys of parenthood.

so we’re on our way to the children’s hospital.  Wyatt just isn’t getting any better no matter what we do and even though his fever hasn’t gotten worse we’d rather be safe than sorry.  Jim said he could hear some wheezing in his chest.  Lucas isn’t near as bad as Wyatt but he isn’t doing great either.  I think that I’d rather take them now than wait and it get worse.  Keep us in your prayers.  We’ll keep you all updated.

~The Daveluy’s

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sick Little Boy.

We’ve been at the doctor all morning, my poor Wyatt is super sick.  According to Dr. Kronenburg he has a low grade fever, and ear infection in his left ear, and RSV.  Apparently its highly contagious and Lucas will more than likely contract it as well, however since its a virus there isn’t anything we can do for it.  The doctor told us what to look for and if it got bad to go to the ER.  Luckily, since we have two very healthy boys most of the time the doctor doesn’t think it will get that bad.  He says they are old enough that he’s not super worried about it.  Wyatt kept me up all night last night coughing which is what prompted us to take him in.  Now he’s on antibiotics for the ear infection and we have to keep an eye on the fever but the doctor said that ear infections are contagious so if Lucas gets on it will more than likely be due to the RSV which is what caused Wyatt’s.  Anyways, enough sick talk.

The other day I was reading the Anderson's blog and Kimberly had given Isabelle these Graduates Biter Biscuits made by Gerber.  I’ve heard of them before and was curious so the next trip I made to the store I was sure to pick some up.  At first the boys weren’t big fans, but then I sat on the floor and showed them how to eat it and they were all about it!  Here’s a picture of Lucas and a video of Wyatt munching down on their new favorite snack. (please ignore Kristina and Mike carrying on a conversation in the background LoL)


On another note, I also bought the boys some Graduates Yogurt Melts…I’d heard from a few different mommy friends that their babies just LOVED them.  Well, mine hate them! LoL.  I’m just speculating right now but I honestly think its because I make my own baby food and it has so much more flavor than the store bought processed baby food.  The yogurt melts aren’t bad but they are chalky almost and even though Jim and I will snack on them the boys aren’t too keen on the idea, which is fine with me since there isn’t much nutrition in them to begin with.  I just thought they’d be good to help teach the boys how to chew so they can slowly graduate to snacking once they actually get teeth. (which I believe is on the way, I’m 99% sure I can see one about to break through in Wyatt’s mouth!)

On that note, I’m heading out to take Kristina to the airport, she gets to go visit her sister in Colorado this week but needs a ride to the airport!

~The Daveluy’s

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hungry Boys and Laundry Monsters!

I’ve been meaning to post this video of the boys for a few days now but things have been busy around here with us getting ready to move and all.  Anyways, I took this video of the boys after we gave them their bottles and before we fed them their solids.  Wyatt is obsessed with his food! LoL.  He reaches for it like crazy when he sees it and Jim and I thought it was so funny!  Lucas reaches for his food also but not near as much as Wyatt.  Enjoy! :)

On another note, we are getting ready to move very soon!  We STILL don’t have any boxes packed!  I am very stressed over the whole thing and to tell you the truth don’t even know where to start.  I can say that once its all said and done, its going to be so nice to just sit back and relax in our new home where everything has its own place.  I think the most frustrating thing about this apartment is that its so cramped and there isn’t enough room to put everything away.  In the past two days I haven’t sat down and taken a break AT ALL until now…and my dining room table is still covered in papers (that I don’t know what to do with), my living room is littered with toys (why pick them up, they are just going to get put on the ground again!), I have barely any dirty laundry but a huge pile of clean laundry that I haven’t had a chance to fold (I know I know, I’m a slacker but at least I got a cute picture of Wyatt climbing Mt. Laundry.)  22241668bThere is just so much to do and I feel like I’m falling behind.  I’m sure its all going to get done, but its just going to take a lot of work to do it alone.  blah.  I wish Jimmy could just be off for the rest of the month and help out more.  Don’t get me wrong, Jim helps out A LOT.  He’s so great at keeping the boys entertained for me so I can actually get things done (not to mention he normally cooks because I am a total disaster in the kitchen LoL), the problem is that when he’s at work I can’t do it all.  The boys want to be constantly entertained and that’s fine, I love playing with them all day, but its exhausting!  By the time I put them to bed I’m ready to crash too!  Its weird cause I’ve always been a night owl, but here lately I’m asleep before 10! 

Okay, that’s enough venting.  I’m off to go buy diapers and wipes. (I’ve got coupons that expire tomorrow!)  Then once I get home its folding laundry and packing the first box.   Not sure what I’m going to do after that but I’m sure whatever it is will have me working hard. LoL.

~The Daveluy’s

Oh yes, I forgot!  I got my elements for the “Laundry Monster” page from these wonderful ladies:

Amanda Thorderson, and Motley Crew Designs

Friday, February 26, 2010

february pictures…

Yes, I’m fully aware that I slacked this month on the pictures, but here are all the pictures of the boys that I took.  I am a failure at documenting this month, however I promise that next month will be better :)

This is also my first venture into digital scrapbooking. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it but truthfully I’m not near as good as most of the things I’ve seen people create…hopefully I’ll get better!






And because these wonderful ladies deserve credit for designing most of the elements in the above pages:

DIgi Cyber Scraps, Motley Crew Designs, Delicious Scraps, Colie’s Corner, SarahB Designs, Sherri Tierney, and Amanda Thorderson

~The Daveluy’s